Presa Canarios can be a lovable family pet and a reliable guard dog. However, you can only achieve a Presa's full growth potential with adequate training. No YouTube videos or articles you come across online can provide your dog with the proper training it needs. For you to get your dog under control, it should be fully trained by a certified person.


Putting your dogs in the right training facility can give them access to aggression management, behavior modification, personal protection and much more. Your dog may show aggression when around other dogs. Without experience in managing such a change in behavior, you'll end up worsening the situation. 


There's no such thing as one-sze-fits-all training. Each Presa Canario, though they have the same characteristics, may have different personality and temperament. We make sure that you're involved throughout the duration of the training. Our goal is to make the result consistent. 


You'll be a more confident owner as soon as your dog walks out of our facility.