17 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A Presa Canario.

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Presa Canario Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can read our reviews on Google, Facebook, and see comments of buyers on our Instagram account. We actually interview and vet all of our potential owners before agreeing to sell our puppies. Think of it as our puppy adoption process. We are more concerned with matching our puppies with the right family versus making a sale.

The standard deposit is $1000 of the purchase price. Puppy picks are determined by a first come first basis.

Yes, you may view both parents. We have some of the world's top Presa Canario bloodlines at our resort. All of our Presa Carino's are located on-site at our 38-acre world-class facility. We care for our dogs as if they were our children. Each of our dogs lives in a 120 square foot bungalow, with a 400 square open but personalized backyard. All of our animals are feed high-end nutritional diets and are exercised daily by our staff.

Yes, you can take your Presa puppy home fully trained. We offer Presa training for an additional rate.
The $1000 deposit is a promise commitment to complete the sale. It is considered a restocking fee if the purchaser decides to not complete the sale.
We can care for the puppy/dog for 7 days free of charge after the deposit is placed. The puppy/dog must be paid in full by the 7th day with a scheduled pick up date. If these terms are not met, the puppy/dog will be available for sale again. If the purchaser is still interested in buying the puppy/dog, after the 7th day there will be a $45 boarding fee per night.
Dogs are pack animals. When they are removed from their human pack, they will look for a new one to belong to. When the dog arrives to the new owners, their loyalty and trained behavior will as well.