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Upcoming litter of Presa Canario Puppies?

Presa Canario dog breeding kennel - La Nobleza Kennel

World Class Presa Canario Puppy Breeder

At La Nobleza, we pride ourselves in providing the best life for our Presa Canarios. Our commitment to these animals is to ensure they are given the mental, physical, and emotional care they need. We strive to be the nation's best Presa Canario breeder. We set our standards high, implementing our values to care for these animals. Quality of life is a top priority and is demonstrated through our processes. Unlike other breeders who focus on breeding these animals for profit, our goal is to nurture both parents to create a strong, healthy, and radiant litter of Presa Canario puppies for you and your family.

Presa Canario dogs - La Nobleza Kennel

Breeding Presa's Isn't Our Hobby It's Our Passion

La Nobleza Kennel breeds top of the line Presa Canarios. Our Presa family includes some of the most prestigious bloodlines imported from Spain, China, Romania, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As a result, these bloodlines are strategically paired to create the best in class temperament, appearance, and health. We contain health check certificates for each dog. Most noteworthy all of our Presa Canarios are registered through the United Kennel Club (UKC), which is the largest registry in the world for all-breed types.  
Some Of The Most Prestigious Imported Bloodlines In The United States
Imported bloodlines from all over the world: Spain, Romania, Germany, China, United Kingdom

La Nobleza's Numero Uno


Miss of Londinium AKA Griselda


A-Beast de Familia Balcan


Colera de Reganados


Our Clients are our first Priority

Our Clients are just as important as our Presa’s. We will make sure you choose the right puppy or dog to fit your home, family or lifestyle!

- Brett Hayse